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Howe of Bedlam Croft

Bedlam Croft

This is the web site for Howe of Bedlam Croft, in North East Scotland, in an area called “Buchan”.

Howe of Bedlam Croft




AB42 5SH

To contact me:

Phone:0772 0432 160


Howe of Bedlam Croft is also a self build project, a private nature reserve and home to an assortment of animals (waives, strays and pets). Set in 10 acres a perfect setting in Summer, a bit more challenging in winter.

Howe of Bedlam Croft is the home of Brian Stewart-Coxon my business, office and studio.


The Croft is 1 mile outside the village of New Deer in Buchan, Aberdeenshire.

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This web site is still a work in progress, as is the croft itself.


At the moment the croft is still a series of projects, the finishing of the house, designing and planting outside areas, developing the studio. Add to this the clearing of the site, derelict buildings, fallen trees and the general upkeep of the finished areas and its becomes easy to see why there will be no finished date for the project.


There are targets set each year of what I want to achieve and so far I have not completed met them in the time allocated, either life gets in the way or the weather does, would I swap it, well NO.